Hello! We are a Sydney based creative agency that specialises in connecting businesses with Japanese customers.


We Know Japan

We Know Japan

To connect with overseas customers, brands must have first-hand knowledge of the local's consumption behaviours as a means to create memorable brand stories that resonate with those target audiences.

At Narrative Creatures, we have an in-depth understanding of Japan, its culture and the people. With that knowledge, we can effectively help businesses validate potential markets in Japan, develop robust positioning strategies for cross-border selling and establish deep emotional connections between brands and their Japanese customers.

We will design the most practical approach to localise your brand, and our research will provide cultural insights so that you cannot be misunderstood.

If you are exploring desirable new markets for your product or service internationally, come and have a chat with us! Japan could be your next profitable market!

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Case Study

Case Study

Establishing a high-performance cycling apparel brand and eCommerce experience for Japanese consumers

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We Speak

We Speak
Design, Business, English and Japanese.


We create compelling and meaningful brand stories that resonate with your Japanese customers.


Business goals and customer values are unique to each brand. We will first gather essential elements that make up your business and define a path to the goal you want to achieve in Japan.

Business Development Consultation
Product and Service Localisation
Cross-border eCommerce Consultation


Based on your goals and strategies, we will craft a brand persona for your business but it is much more than a logo for us. It is the brand personality, attitude and tone that you will use to connects and build rapport with your target market.

Brand Personality
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Character Development


The digital arena is where we will convey your brand story to Japan. Your online platforms will facilitate the exchange between you and your customers, build trust among your market and scale quickly into a much more prominent territory.

Website Development
eCommerce Store Creation and Maintenance
Mobile Application
Digital Marketing
Social Media Management
Data Collection & Analysis


Our team of native speaking creatives will formulate and distribute relevant and consistent content through your digital platforms, to attract target customers and stimulate interest in your products or service. Contents are the chapters in your brand’s storybook, designed to educate, entertain and emotionally connect with your Japanese customers.

Graphic Design
Written Content
Video Production
Motion Graphics
VR / AR / MR Development


Our mission is to emotionally tie businesses and their audience together with the power of stories.

We believe for anyone to engage and have meaning interactions with a brand, they must first experience the stories of joy, love, anticipation and trust that cultivated the brand. Our Narrative Creature was born to find these stories, and we believe all businesses have good emotional stories to share.

Sammie Lee
Strategic Planner

After graduating from the bachelor of multimedia design over 15 years ago, Sammie left his home town Melbourne for Sydney to pursue a career in film, tv and advertising.

Having worked in multiple functional areas (design,  video editing, motion graphics, branding, management and strategy) within advertising and production agencies, Sammie found great passion in helping businesses of all sizes design a path to growth and profitability.

With his creative experiences and an Executive Masters of Business and Administration (EMBA) from University of NSW, Sammie now centres on building and refining business strategies, ultimately improving results by crafting creative solutions to solve business problems.

In his free time, he enjoys his family, morning runs and watching his two year old daughter Akari grow up before his eyes.

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